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Aromatherapy Solutions Designed for You

Welcome to EssentiallyYours-MN, where a personalized aromatherapy experience awaits you!

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The Story of EssentiallyYours-MN

Personalized aromatherapy solutions

EssentiallyYours-MN is an  aromatherapy experience designed exclusively for you and/or your companion animal.

My name is Sharon, and as the granddaughter, daughter, sister and aunt of nurses my passion for health and well-being has been a focal point in my life.  After many years working in various behavioral and healthcare settings, I decided to pursue my passion and become a certified human and animal aromatherapist.

My goal for people is to help those who are dealing with acute and/or chronic issues find help and support through the use of aromatherapy solutions personalized for them. 

My work with animals supports their healing process through the self-selection of essential oils, herbs and minerals. 

Together, you and I will work  to develop a strategy to support you and/or your companion animal's health and wellness through personalized aromatherapy solutions.

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