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Animal Aromatherapy

Self-medication solutions for your animal friends

They have evolved over millenia into the amazing beings they are today.  Some, like cats and dogs, were smart enough to figure out that wherever there were humans there was food; and those animals became domesticated.  

In the wild animals (much like humans) learn to use the resources in their environment for protection, for food, for shelter and for healing. Those resources include the plants that grow where they live/travel, and the minerals in the earth and water.  When they get sick or injured, animals instinctively know which plants to eat to help them heal.  Our domesticated friends, however, often do not have access to the plants and minerals they need to assist them with healing.

When an animal is traumatized physically and/or emotionally, their healing process can be slowed or even halted.  Through the use of varied plant materials, minerals to support healthy system functioning, essential oils and flower essences, as a Certified Animal Aromatherapy Practitioner and Animal Communicator, I am able to assist an animal to overcome those barriers to self-healing. Much like the human body, an animal’s body is an amazing organism which, under optimal conditions, is healthy with strong functional systems.

Aromatherapy will not cure disease. It is not a new “miracle” drug. It does support the body and mind so that an animal can process old trauma and release negative memories to thereby stimulate it’s own healing process.

Animals are very clear about what they need/want.  We just need to listen.

Animal Aromatherapy: Welcome
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