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I started Essentially Yours out of a deep desire to help others.  I have been in a "helping" profession of one kind or another my entire life, and I have long had a love affair with plants and their healing nature.  As I started to learn more about essential oils and used them in my personal life, I became aware of how truly awesome they are at supporting my own health and wellness, and that of my family, friends and their companion animals.  Research is being done continuously in an effort to identify the therapeutic & synergistic activity of the active components in essential oils and to truly understand why they work the way they do.  While I applaud  research, there is really nothing quite like personal experience to tell you what works and what doesn't.

The world of essential oils has become very popular in recent years and there is alot of information, expert and not-so-expert, to be found by just doing a simple search on google.  There are lots of oils, lots of opinions and lots of sources.  How is an inexperienced person to know what to do and how do you learn what is right for you?  You can do it by yourself, through trial and error.  You can buy a bunch of oils and try various recipes to see if they work.  Or, you can consult with a professional who will work with you to design a personalized solution that targets your area(s) of concern;  creating a solution for you that smells good, works the way you need it to and leaves you feeling better.  A product you don't like is a product you will not use.

My goal is to work with you to identify exactly what it is you need and then formulate that for you.  Aromatherapy will not cure disease.  It can, however, support your body and mind; providing calm, comfort, ease and relief.

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