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Essential Oils

How I can help you

Personalized Solutions

My human solutions have helped people manage digestive issues, sinus congestion, allergies, joint discomfort, muscle soreness, emotional support, immune support, skin & wound healing, bruising, pain relief, stiffness, injuries, chronic pain, lymph movement, swelling, leg cramps, what I call "Happy Legs"  and you might know as restless legs, coughs, burns, bug bites, sensitive skin, mature skin, recovery after surgery, post workout pain/soreness, muscle spasms and more.

I work with animals who have health issues and emotional/behavioral issues.

I particularly love working with rehoming rescue animals because they have seen the worst of what life can offer and I want to help them overcome their trauma so they can successfully find their forever home.

The majority of my work with animals has been with companion animals.  I am trained to work with felines, canines, equines, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.  At this time I do not work with reptiles, amphibians, insects or birds.

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